Datsko, Ekaterina

Research Intern
08/07/2019 to 27/09/2019
Biographical Statement 

Ekaterina Datsko graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland with a Master's Degree in International Relations in June 2018. She is skilled at analysing the most recent political events, resulting in a better understanding and research of the complexity of political and human rights issues, particularly in diverse environments.

She also developed a strong interest in European affairs and taken on a variety of professional, volunteering and educational experiences. She participated in ‘The European Union at the Crossroads’ Summer School at Sciences Po Paris and furthered her knowledge of the EU institutional system and its political, economic, legal and security issues.

During her internship at UNU-CRIS, Ekaterina worked under the supervision of Andrew Dunn and assisted him with research and editing tasks related to International Organisations and Climate Change.