Research Intern
01/10/2010 to 30/06/2011
Biographical Statement 

Eno Ekuere has a Master’s Degree in Development Studies with specialisation in Conflict, Reconstruction and Human Security from the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University in The Hague (The Netherlands). His thesis focussed on the views of Nigerian diaspora in the Netherlands and Belgium on the role of youth in the Niger Delta conflict, reasons for the persistence of violence in the region, opportunities for peace and construction of masculinities. The research challenged dominant ideological and theoretical assumptions about youths in African conflicts especially resource based conflicts.

Eno Ekuere also holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and a Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Ibadan.

Mr Ekuere is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration in Nigeria and holds a professional certification in Conflict Analysis and in Negotiation from The United States Institute of Peace.

His research interests include peace building, post-conflict reconstruction, human security and sustainable development in post-conflict societies. During his three-month internship, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Ademola Abass.