Field Research of Leonie Jegen

15 January 2018

Leonie Jegen will be conducting field research in the framework of the AMIREG (African Migration: Root Causes and Regulatory Dynamics) project’s under the supervision of Dr. Ilke Adam and Dr. Florian Trauner. This  work package investigates the migration policy formulation in the West African context in view of increased EU interest in this policy area, by looking at two case study countries: Senegal and Ghana.

To this end Leonie will thus conduct two months field research in Senegal and Ghana respectively. During this time, she will interview a range of stakeholders involved in migration policy formulation processes, ranging from international organizations, European Union (EU) and EU Member States representatives, national government officials to national and international civil society organizations.

Please do not hesitate to contact her in case of any questions, she will be available via her e-mail throughout the entire field research period.