Final Report on Climate Change and Energy Security: Global Energy Security Governance: Key Challenges in EU Energy Relations with Russia, Central Asia and China

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EU-GRASP Deliverables
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Influenced by environmental concerns, rising oil and gas prices, the emergence of giants such as China, and the interruptions in the supply of natural gas to the European Union (‘EU’ or ‘Union’) in recent years, energy security and climate change have become two of the 21st century’s most defining themes. In its attempts to contribute to their effective governance, the EU guides its efforts both towards energy supplying-, as well as consuming countries and regions. Of particular relevance in this regard are the Union’s relations with Russia, Central Asia and China. The present report presents an analysis of the EU’s energy relations with these countries and regions, focusing in particular on the supply of natural gas from the viewpoint of energy security (Russia; Central Asia), and cooperation on energy efficiency and renewable energy (China) from the perspective of climate change. The study is based on a comprehensive consultation among policymakers and experts

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