Frank Mattheis on the Finances of Regional Organizations in the Global South

25 May 2020

Filling a major gap in the longstanding research on regional organisations, The Finances of Regional Organisations in the Global South: Follow the Money, edited by UNU-CRIS Associate Research Fellow Frank Mattheis and Ulf Engel, explores how their finances work and what they reveal about the region-building process. 

On 20 May, Dr. Mattheis was invited by the Observatório de Regionalismo (ODR) to present the book and discuss its findings, with the recording available at


More About the Book

This book brings together an empirically rich collection of chapters written by experts of regional organisations in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Based on the insights on thirteen regional organisations as well as two chapters dedicated to the influence of external funders, the editors develop typologies to cluster regional organisations according to their financial characteristics: the size of budgets, the sources of funding and the criteria to calculate contributions. Through analysing the process of budgeting and resourcing, the book sheds light on the different nature and functioning of these organisations existing outside of the Global North and puts a specific emphasis on regional organisations in the area of security in Africa and the Global South. It provides explanations to why members pay or do not pay and how budgeting works, and it deals with data availability, the role of donors, overlapping regionalism, cultural transfers between regional organisations and the impact on regional actorness.

This volume will be of key interest to scholars and students of African studies and politics, the Global South, the finances of international organisations, comparative regionalism, international political economy and international relations.

Learn more about the book, including its chapters, here