Handbook on Regional Cooperation and Integration

Edward Elgar Publishing
978 1 80037 373 0
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This is an open access book.

This timely Handbook offers a detailed cross-policy assessment on the need, locale and impact of regional cooperation and integration, addressing how the principles of regional integration have affected multi-level governance and subsequent public policy. Individual chapters provide explanations of what regional cooperation means in a specific policy area, identify relevant theories, and present empirical evidence to support the arguments outlined. 

The Handbook of Regional Cooperation and Integration brings together a diverse range of expert contributors who deftly explore regional cooperation across a number of key policy areas, including migration, trade, the digital sphere, finance, security, democracy and higher education. Through a comprehensive analysis of the nature of and need for regional cooperation in today’s world, this Handbook argues for greater and more pressing discussions on regional policy, the value of integration and its resulting application in organisations.

A crucial text for global governance, international relations and public policy academics and students, this is also an invigorating read for regional studies scholars. The Handbook ’s in-depth study of practical applications makes this suitable for public officials in the sector, as well as regional organisation and think tank staff.

Regional cooperation; Regional integration; Multi-level governance; Comparative regionalism; Regional public goods; Public policy; Regional organisations