Horizontal Economy: How Africa Can Build a Thriving Economy in the 21st Century

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The Great Recession and its Implications for Human Values: Lessons for Africa
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he Great Recession and its Implications for Human Values: Lessons for Africa examines the reasons behind and the implications of the ongoing global economic recession particularly for the South African economy and economies of the rest of the African continent.

The Great Recession, which started around 2007, stands out as the most significant crisis of global capitalism since the 1930s, both in scope and intensity. Although it was triggered by developments in the financial sector in the United States of America, its impact and implications have reverberated across the globe. Virtually all countries have been unable to escape its destructive swell: the interconnectedness that globalisation has fostered made certain of that.

The book examines the crisis from theoretical and empirical perspectives, and in some instances, the authors do not quite concur on the approaches required. However, running like a golden thread through all the inputs is that the State has a critical role to play in reconfiguring social relations, proceeding from the perspective that markets, left to their own devices, can wreak havoc on the commons. Above all, social relations should be premised on humane values.