Joint ITIM - UNU-CRIS Breakfast Seminar by Justine Miller on Measuring Regional Integration: Developing Means and Methods

04 November 2022
Research Seminar

The ITIM Research Group at Ghent University in collaboration with UNU-CRIS is organising the Breakfast Seminar by Justine Miller

Abstract: The proliferation of trade agreements over the last decades has led to the recent development of several projects that aim to gather data to study either trade agreements or regional organisations. Despite the usefulness and overall quality of these projects, their different objectives and practices in data collection have created discrepancies and gaps between the data sources. We aim to create a more exhaustive database that combines the data from six different projects, while also addressing the discrepancies between them. In this seminar, we present the progress on this dataset, and show how it can be used to measure regional integration or patterns of provision diffusion between trade agreements.

This is a closed event. 

For further information, please contact Ruben Dewitte ( and Pascale Vantorre in cc (

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