Beyer, Katharina

Research Intern
20/06/2016 to 19/08/2016
Biographical Statement 

Katharina Beyer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in European Public Health from Maastricht University. She also obtained her Double Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University Institute for Economic and Social Research on Innovation and Technology.

During her studies, her main research field was related public health developments and particularly health policies. Her Master’s Thesis focussed on the barriers to sharing and the use in research between large data sets in health with a focus on the different conceptual understandings of terms.

As a Research Intern at UNU-CRIS, she mainly focussed on the European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (EL-CSID), a project inscribed within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. She was supervised by Director Van Langenhove until mid-August 2016.