Lecture: Understanding the relationship between the United Nations and European Union

18 March 2021

On Thursday 18 March, Anthony Antoine, Senior Advisor, UNU-CRIS, will give a lecture at the University College of West-Flanders (Hogeschool West Vlaanderen – HOWEST).

Within the framework of a lecture series on international organisations for students of the BA programme Social Work, Anthony will introduce the United Nations (UN) and its relations with the European Union (EU). The underlying idea of the lecture is to enable the students in identifying the impact of international organisations (such as the UN) on their daily lives. Anthony will therefore,  focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the different  UN agencies (eg. UNESCO, UNHCR) where the students – once graduated – may have interactions within their private and professional lives. At a previous session in this mandatory lecture series, students were introduced to the EU. The link with the Union and the UN system will therefore also form a part of the 1,5 hr lecture. The current work of UNU and more specifically UNU-CRIS will also be put in the spotlight.

Due to Covid-restrictions, the lecture will take place via Microsoft Teams.