Luk Van Langenhove is Chairing the Conference Panel on European Cultural and Science Diplomacy: An Agenda for Research, Brussels, 12 May 2016

12 May 2016

The first EL-CSID dissemination event is organised to officially launch the project to the public. It aims at presenting the EL-CSID research agenda to the academic and policy communities as well as at gaining insights into the stakeholders’ views and expectations. This early discussion will help the EL-CSID consortium further refine its perspectives on cultural, science and diplomacy and ensure the academic and policy relevance of its agenda.

To these ends,  the second session is an academic panel that will provide a platform for the EL-CSID researchers to discuss the early steps of their research on cultural and science diplomacy with an academic audience. It will be held in the context of the European Union in International Affairs (EUIA) Conference.

The EUIA is a joint venture in which two of the EL-CSID partner institutions –the IES and UNU-CRIS– are involved. For further details about the conference, please consult the conference website.

Luk Van Langenhove, Director UNU-CRIS and Scientific Coordinator of the EL-CSID Project, is chairing the Conference Panel on "European Cultural and Science Diplomacy: An Agenda for Research".

Paper presentations:

  • The Practice Turn: Towards a new theory of cultural and science diplomacy in the early 21st century, Richard Higgott and Luk Van Langenhove
  • Networking science diplomacy in transnational governance, Diane Stone
  • Leveraging science for European foreign policy: Bare necessities, global challenges and soft power, Ulrich Schreiterer
  • Media potential in cultural and science diplomacy, Georgios Terzis
  • The European Neigbourhood Policy: A ‘paradigm shift’ for the European cultural diplomacy, Selin Senocak

This session is open to all registered EUIA conference participants.