Madeleine Hosli, Director UNU-CRIS, delivers Paper Presentation at Symposium ‘Mathematics and Politics: Democratic Decision Making’, Hannover

28 May 2018

Professor Madeleine Hosli has been invited to attend the Symposium ‘Mathematics and Politics: Democratic Decision Making’, from 28 to 30 May in the Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover.  The Symposium is sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation, one of Germany’s big science funding organizations. She will present a paper on Turnout Rates in European Parliament Elections since the establishment of direct elections to this institution in 1979, accounting for a range of structural factors (including the timing of domestic elections) across all European Union member states.

The symposium offers several presentations by well-known international scholars in the area of Mathematics and Politics, including Bernard Grofman (University of California, Irvine), Vincent Merlin (Université de Caen), Annick Laruelle (University of the Basque Country), Thomas Koenig (University of Mannheim), William Zwicker (Union College, New York), Hannu Nurmu (University of Turku) and Karol Życzkowski (Jagiellonian University).