Mapping of EU's Global Cooperation

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EU-GRASP Working Paper 5
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As a regional actor with ambition of becoming a global actor, the European Union has engaged itself in various frameworks of cooperation at the global level. Still, when the EU engages with international institutions that have a global scope it has to manage with the internal governance of these institutions and the fact that most of these institution find it difficult to accommodate with the complexity of the European Union. By focussing on the six security issues that have been selected for the EU-GRASP project, this paper examines the way the EU has elaborated its cooperation with a variety of international institutions that have a global scope. The most important among these is the UN with whom the EU has developed cooperation at different levels and works with the Security Council, the General Assembly as well as the different UN Departments and Agencies. The other institutions under review in this paper include the different multilateral frameworks for disarmament, the OSCE and the ICC.