Mother Earth Day Talk by Nidhi Nagabathla: Circular Economy Based Solutions to SDGs Implementation

22 April 2023

To celebrate International Mother Earth Day 2023, UNU-CRIS Senior Research Fellow Nidhi Nagabathla delivered a talk at the ‘2023 Climate Emergency Action International Forum Series-True’.

Her contribution, entitled ‘Circular Economy Based Solutions to Support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Implementation: Focus on Water and Ecosystems’, shared the key concepts of her recent paper ‘Circulatory Pathways in the Water and Wastewater Sector in the Latin American Region’.

The event took place on April 22 at the Taipei Sinban Hilton Hotel and it was organized by private sector actor Ding Tai Co., Ltd. Taiwan, the African Climate Change Research (ACCREC), and Taiwan Association of Sustainable Engineering Development.

Nidhi’s talk was positioned in the panel on ‘Green Economy’ moderated by Dr. Chen Shen-Hsein, Former Director General of the Water Resources Agency (Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Taiwan). During her speech, Dr. Nagabathla examined how circular economy principles can be applied to different sectoral use of water to create more sustainable and resilient systems. She also remarked the potential benefits of circular economy approaches, including job creation, increased resource efficiency, and reduced impact on biodiversity and ecosystems. Finally, she offered an overview of the policy and regulatory frameworks that are supposed to facilitate the implementation of such solutions, and she reiterated the need for collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to achieve a circular economy.

The forum was telecasted here. Dr. Nagabathla’s video session will soon be placed in the forum handbook for the Taiwan National Central Library's collection.

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