De Schutter, Nicolas

Research Intern
01/05/2011 to 31/07/2011
Biographical Statement 

Nicolas De Schutter was an undergraduate student at Vesalius College in Brussels. He was an ‘International Affairs’ student and was seeking a minor degree in ‘European Peace and Security Studies (EPPS)’.

Nicolas analysed the completeness and accuracy of the RIKS database input with regard to the regional agreements in Africa and provided necessary updates. This internship offered him working experience within his sphere of interests, which is—amongst others—conflict and development. The opportunity paved the way for further research work once he completed his Bachelor programme and inspired him when applying for a Master programme. In addition, as a founder of a volunteering project in Senegal (, it broadened his knowledge on how to tackle issues on the African continent.

Nicolas De Schutter worked under the supervision of Philippe De Lombaerde until the beginning of July 2011.