Nidhi Nagabhatla delivers Lecture on the Multidimensional Aspects of Water Security in her Keynote Address

25 September 2023

In a collaborative diploma program between Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in Bolivia and UNU CRIS and other agencies, UNU CRIS will deliver an address on the vital facets of water security. Scheduled for September 25, 2023, this talk promises to be a pivotal moment in the discourse surrounding water security, sustainability, and development. Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla, also serving as a Guest Professor at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, has been actively engaged in collaborative efforts focused on scientific investigation and capacity building in fields related to sustainable development in Bolivia. Her forthcoming talk will delve into the intricate web of water security, emphasizing its multidimensional nature and the central role it plays in ensuring broader cross-border water security.

At the heart of her discussion lies the UN-Water's 2013 conceptual framework for water security, a framework that the United Nations has endorsed to advocate for the inclusion of water security on the UN Security Council's agenda and within the post-2015 development agenda, encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Water security, as Nidhi will elaborate, is not confined to the availability of freshwater resources alone; it encompasses a complex interplay of factors that affect societies, ecosystems, and economies. The talk will underscore how water security is intricately linked to broader transboundary water governance concerns, making it a linchpin for achieving peace and stability in a world grappling with multifaceted challenges.

For more information and to gain deeper insights into the topic, please refer to the related information available at UN-Water - What is Water Security?.