Nidhi Nagabhatla is participating in the panel hosted by Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), USA

05 December 2022

The panel discussion on Systematic Risk in a Global Context on December 5, 2022, is scheduled during SRA’s 2022 Annual Meeting. December 4-8, 2022 Tampa, Florida.  Nidhi will also showcase the risk-related research from the UNU Climate Resilience Initiative, cascading and compounding risks from disasters like floods, and also the spillover impact on various socioeconomic groups, in particular, the context of migration and forced displacement.  

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Systemic Risks in a Global Context 


Pandemics, climate change, the water-food-energy nexus: Understanding and managing systemic risk is more important than ever due to our immense global connectivity, whether between sectors, countries, and continents or even between individuals. Systemic risk is associated with cascading impacts that spread within and across systems and sectors (e.g. ecosystems, health, infrastructure, the food, and energy sectors) via the movements of people, goods, capital, and information within and across boundaries (e.g. regions, countries, and continents). Addressing contemporary challenges in terms of systemic risk requires integrating different systems perspectives and fostering system thinking, while implementing key intergovernmental agendas, such as the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Sustainable Development Goals.


This interactive panel examines perspectives of climate, environmental, and disaster risk science and practice regarding systemic risk. The panelists address issues such as information and data requirements that are essential for a better and more actionable understanding of the systemic nature of risk, the opportunities to connect research and policy for addressing systemic risk as well as recommendations for future work in science, policy, and practice on systemic risk.

A point of departure for the discussion is the briefing note on systemic risk by the International Science Council, UNDRR, and Risk-KAN Working Groups.

Moderator Pia-Johanna Schweizer

Panel:  Jessica Boakye, Sirkku Juhola, Kai Kornhuber, Nidhi Nagabhatla

The event will also showcase a discussion on Tuesday, December 6th , 2022

Socio-metabolic risk and tipping points on islands: