Presenting the SDG Monitor 2022 at the SDG Forum

04 October 2022

There is a growing recognition that the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is dependent upon whether the Goals are adopted locally. The SDG Monitor outlined attempts to define the extent to which the Flemish cities and municipalities are partners in these global goals, with the main goal of the SDG monitor being to help municipalities and stakeholders evaluate "where are we doing well and where are we underperforming, where are we making progress or going backwards?"

On 4 October, Samuel Standaert and Valentijn Vanoeteren presented the 2022 update of the SDG Monitor at the SDG Forum in Flagey, Brussels.

The 2022 update sees the authors completely revisiting the indicator selection process. As part of a project that they are undertaking for the VVSG and VVP, and based on the feedback and insights of a number of pioneering municipalities, the research team collected information on 243 indicators that track the SDG outcomes, 2.5 times the number of indicators in the previous version and therefore providing greater detail & relevance for the Flemish municipalities. These have been organised into various SDGs and subgoals for which they created these indexes.

An overview of the updates and the processes behind them formed the core of the presentation at the SDG Forum.

Read the report now.