Research Seminar Series - Vanessa Newby

28 January 2019
Research Seminar

Vanessa Newby

Assistant Professor at the Institute for International Security and Global Governance at Leiden University

Peacekeeping in South Lebanon: Credibility and Local Cooperation

Although the concept of credibility has been identified by the United Nations as a significant factor in successful peacekeeping operations, its role has largely been ignored in the literature on peacekeeping at the local level. In this talk, Dr Newby provides the first detailed examination of credibility’s essential place in peacekeeping. Identifying four types of credibility—technical, material, security, and responsiveness— Dr. Newby traces the ways in which building credibility serves UNIFIL and has enabled the mission to exercise its mandate despite significant challenges on the ground. She argues that credibility should be regarded as an independent construct when considering how a peacekeeping operation functions and survives.

Monday 28 January 2019
12:00 - 13:30 
UNU-CRIS, Bruges

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