Regional Integration Knowledge System (RIKS)

The Regional Integration Knowledge System (RIKS) is a web-based information and learning platform on regional integration processes worldwide.

The RIKS platform contains membership data of regional organisations and how it evolves over time, as well as a slew of indicators tracking the level of integration between the member countries. It also provides information on research and educational resources for those interested furthering their understanding of regional integration processes around the world.

Using the RIKS platform, you can look up information on various aspects of regional organisations. These have been organised into four different search functions:

  • Search by organisation allows you to look up the membership information of specific regional organisations and track its evolution over time
  • Search by country enables you to look up the membership information of a particular state of and track its change over time. 
  • Search by interactive map presents the changes in the membership of different regional organisations on a world map. 
  • Search by regional indicator allows you to look up detailed statistics on the level of the economic integration of any of the existing regional organisations in the database, as well as of any user-defined group of countries. These measures track the integration of the flow of trade, migration and investment and other economic variables. 


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If you have questions, comments or are interested in collaborating in the framework of this platform, please contact Samuel Standaert.