Second BORDERS Workshop: The Socio-Economic Impacts of Regional Integration

11 March 2022 to 12 March 2022

On 11 and 12 March 2022, together with the University of Lille, the University of Kent and the KU Leuven, UNU-CRIS is organising the second of two workshops on the socio-economic impacts of regional integration. The European Union Single Market has all but erased the barriers typically associated with national borders. The purpose of this project is to organize a sequence of workshops assessing the progress and depth of European integration to date. The topics covered will include:

• Impact of European integration
• Impact of integration on border regions
• Emergence of cross-border urban areas
• Migration and commuting
• Cross-border spill-overs of political attitudes and social norms
• Brexit




Each workshop will take one and half days and will include six to eight presentations. Each presentation will benefit from a discussant and a general debate. Besides the members of the participating universities, the workshops will also feature invited presentations by academics from other universities. PhD students and junior academics at participating universities will be involved prominently, both as presenters and organizers. To encourage research collaboration between the project partners and the external participants, the second day of each workshop will include a research-idea session for discussing ongoing research and potential areas for collaboration, including applying for external research funding (from, e.g., French ARN, EU Horizon, and other sources).

More information on the final program can be found here. For further information or if you would like to register, please contact Glenn Rayp @


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