UNU-CRIS Summer School 2019

The European Union and the United Nations in Global Governance

The UNU-CRIS Summer School seeks to familiarise you with the salient challenges related to global governance. It explores how a regional integration scheme such as the European Union interacts with the United Nations in the provision of public goods, aiming to enhance the conditions for stability, sustainability, peace and justice. With a focus on themes such as peace missions, climate change, migration, justice and stable institutions, it will explore how the two entities interact in practice, focusing on both synergies and challenges to coordination.

Taking place in Bruges, Belgium, the UNU-CRIS Summer School will take advantage of its central location and close proximity to numerous sites of historical and contemporary significance, including a visit to Flanders Fields (World War I battlefield) around Ypres and a three-day excursion to Brussels, where the group will visit institutions and organisations such as the United Nations Regional Information Centre, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Seize this opportunity to learn from leading academics and policy makers in the heart of Europe, and to deepen your knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the EU and the UN as they tackle the prominent issues in our globalised world. 


The 2019 Summer School included discussions on:

  • Unlocking the Power of the UN-EU Partnership    

  • How Cohesive is the European Union in the United Nations General Assembly?

  • Climate and Energy Governance on the Regional and Global Levels

  • Challenges to EU-UN Coordination and Peace Missions

  • The Global Compact – Migration and Human Rights

  • Principled Multilateralism and the United Nations

  • Tackling Inequality

  • Alleviating Poverty

  • Challenges to Trade Governance

  • The European Economic and Monetary Union and Global Governance


Download the full programme: