UNU-CRIS Summer School 2019 Diary

Experience the UNU-CRIS Summer School through those that lived it. 

Written by participants, the UNU-CRIS Summer School Diary charts the daily activities during the inaugural summer school, providing a first-hand recount of the experience. 

Read day-by-day to gain an insight into what it was like to learn from some of the foremost experts in their fields, and practitioners with deep and vast experience on the ground, as they examined the EU-UN partnership, different aspects of their co-operation, and the future of one of the most important relationships on the global stage. 

Day 1


     Unlocking the Power of the UN-EU Partnership

          Rory Keane - Head of the United Nations Liaison Office for Peace and Security

     How Cohesive is the European Union in the United Nations General Assembly

          Madeleine Hosli - Director, United Nations University - CRIS

     European Parliament Elections 2019: Challenges, Turnout and Prospects

          Madeleine Hosli - Director, United Nations University - CRIS


Day 2


     Global Climate Governance, the Paris Agreement and the European Union

          Simon Schunz - Professor, EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Department, College of Europe

     Dimensions of International Climate Cooperation

          Susann Handke - Research Associate, IIAS Centre for Regulation and Governance

     Climate and Energy Governance on the Regional and Global Level - Panel Discussion

          Madeleine Hosli (Chair) - Director of United Nations University - CRIS

          Thijs Van de Graaf - Assistant Professor, Ghent Institute for International Studies, Ghent University

          Reinhilde Bouckaert - Project Researcher, United Nations University - CRIS

          Lunting Wu - Visiting Scholar, United Nations University - CRIS


Day 3


     The EU and Asia: The Case of Research and Science Technology

          Adriana Banozic - Science Policy Expert, Future Resilient System (FRS) Program, Singapore ETH Centre    

     The EU at the UN: Challenges Ahead

          Karen E. Smith - Professor or International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science

     Promoting Peace - Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Insights from a       Practitioners Perspective

          Holger Osterrieder - Adjunct Professor, Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Coordinator, German Foreign Office


Day 4


     The Global Compact - Migration and Human Rights

          Ine Lietaert - Assistant Professor, United Nations University - CRIS

     Simulation Game on the Migration Crisis 

          Session 1


Day 5


     Simulation Game on the Migration Crisis

          Session 2

     Principled Multilateralism and the United Nations

          Spyros Blavoukos - Associate Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business


Day 6


     Cultural Excursion

          Visit to Flanders Field


Day 8


     Tackling Inequality

          Jan Vandemoortele - Formerly of UNICEF, UNDP & ILO / Co-architect of the Millenium Development Goals

     Poverty Alleviation with the Collaboration of Development Partners

          Marvi Memon - Former Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme / Cabinet Minister in the Pakistani Government

     Introduction to the European Economic and Monetary Union

          Madeleine Hosli - Director, United Nations University - CRIS


Day 9


     The European Economic and Monetary Union and Global Governance

          Ad van Riet - Former Senior Economic Advisor, European Central Bank

     Challenges to Trade Governance - Panel Discussion

          Madeleine Hosli (Chair) - Director, United Nations University - CRIS

          Jan Orbie - Director, Centre for EU Studies / Associate Professor, Ghent University

          Glenn Rayp - Professor of Economics, Ghent University / Research Fellow, United Nations University - CRIS

          Diana Potjomkina - PhD Fellow, United Nations University - CRIS


Day 10


     EU Climate and Energy Policy

          Sebastian Oberthur - Professor for Environment and Sustainable Development, Institute for European Studies

     Q&A Session

          Karel de Gucht - President, Institute for European Studies / Former Belgian Minister Foreign Affairs / Former European Commissioner for                Trade

     EU-UN Cooperation: Keeping the Dynamics Going

          Barbara Pesce-Monteiro - Director, UN/UNDP Brussels Representation Office

     EU Energy Policy, New 2030 Targets and the 2050 Long Term Strategy for Reducing               Greenhouse Gas Emissions

          Megan Richards - Director of Energy Policy in DG Energy, European Commission

     Challenges for Child Protection in Emergencies: A UNHCR Perspective

          Stefan Maier - Senior Policy Officer, UNHCR Regional Representation for EU Affairs


Day 11


     What is EU Foreign Policy?

          Adrianus Koetsenruijter - Advisor - Inspector, Inspection Division, European External Action Service

     Mixing and Matching Research and Innovation Policies in EU Countries

          Ramona Samson - Chief Economist, R&I Strategy and Foresight Unit, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

     Ongoing Challenges and Future Prospects

           Noel Farrel - DG Regional & Urban Policy, European Commission

     Visit to the European Council


Day 12


     Visit to the European Parliament

     Visit to the Parlamentarium