Summer School Diary - Day Nine

Written by Filip Batselé

The last day of the Summer School program in Bruges was focused on the economic angle of the EU and the UN in global governance. The day was kicked off by two presentations by Ad van Riet, a former Senior Economic Advisor at the European Central Bank. During two sessions, he gave a complete overview of some of the key issues in European economic governance.

In his first presentation, Dr. van Riet focused on past, present and future challenges to the EU’s Economic and Monetary Union. This was followed by a second session on the global role of the Euro, highlighting the key strengths and weaknesses of the Eurozone currency. After an intense discussion, all participants got the chance to enjoy some well-deserved classics of the Flemish cuisine (vol-au-vent and mattentaartjes).

In the afternoon, the very topical subject of trade governance was subsequently touched upon. Professor Jan Orbie opened the session by presenting his latest paper on the EU and its approach towards “fair trade”. This was followed by the economist’s perspective on international trade, with UNU-CRIS Research Fellow, Professor Glenn Rayp, giving a session on globalisation and inequality. Finally, UNU-CRIS PhD Fellow Diana Potjomkina presented on stakeholder engagement in EU Free Trade Agreements. After a short panel discussion led by Professor Hosli, the final day in Bruges came to a close, giving us all the chance to still enjoy the beautiful (albeit rather hot) evening in Bruges.


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