UNU-CRIS and Global Water Partnership (GWP) co-organise Session 1 of the Transboundary Water Knowledge Exchange Hub Consortium

15 June 2022

As part of the Transboundary Water Knowledge Exchange Hub activity on 15 June, UNU-CRIS and Global Water Partnership (GWP) will co-organize session 1 of the Transboundary Water Knowledge Exchange Hub Consortium, an online event discussing multi-level governance aspect of transboundary water cooperation, specifically focusing on water and climate, disaster risk management. The titled “Multi-level Governance for Transboundary Water, Climate, and Disaster Management and Risk Governance will take place on 15th June at 2 pm (CEST) and will feature speakers from Europe and Asia. In this interactive session, we will learn how ‘integrated governance systems’ allow participation and capacity strengthening of communities alongside and complimenting the usual top-heavy strategies. Experts and case studies are used in the session to present how MLG operates in transboundary water management. Learn more and register now!"

Two case studies (Danube River and role of communities in multi-level governance for shared water systems in India) and global guidelines (UNECE) are discussed which shed light on different aspects of multilevel governance in transboundary water management, particularly in the context of water-related disasters (floods). The discussion will focus on 3 main points below:

  • What level of competence, connection, collaboration, and exchange in the context of flood risk governance in transboundary water systems is needed for effective water-related disaster management, from supranational to local levels?

  • How regional integration and transboundary collaboration for water management can help build effective disaster management and climate resilience.

  • How do MLG frameworks facilitate hydro diplomacy including climate and disaster diplomacy?

These and other questions will be covered in a highly interactive way during the session. Questions will be collected from participants upon their registration to the event.

Contact person: Nidhi Nagabhatla, nnagabhatla@cris.unu.edu


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