Van Hecke, Yannis

Communication Intern
02/10/2023 to 30/03/2024
Biographical Statement 

Yannis Van Hecke was the Communications Intern at UNU-CRIS.  Working closely with the Policy and Communications Officer, Andrew Dunn, his core responsibilities were centered on language editing of the academic outputs and optimizing the institute’s visibility and impact by identifying and leveraging effective platforms for sharing the research initiatives.

Currently in his final year of a master’s degree in English and Spanish at Ghent University, Yannis has consistently channeled his academic interests toward understanding global dynamics with research pursuits that explore themes such as the literary portrayal of the Vietnamese-American queer immigrant experience.

With prior experience as a Communications Intern at the Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter, where he gained firsthand insight into the dynamics that shape policy, Yannis is now driven to expand his comprehension of pressing global issues as well as the processes of global cooperation and regional integration.

His internship at UNU-CRIS, made possible through the support of the Flanders Trainee Programme, aligned with his ambition to synthesize his expertise in communications and policy-making and assume a communications role within a multilateral organisation abroad. He firmly believed that his time at UNU-CRIS served as a stepping stone toward the realisation of this professional ambition.