PhD Fellow
Research Interests 

Science diplomacy
International astronomy cooperation
Positioning theory


MA, Political Science, Economics and Legal Studies (PEL), Chongqing University (China)
BA, Journalism, Chongqing University (China)

Biographical Statement 

Zonglyu Ma is a PhD Fellow at UNU-CRIS and the VUB, under the supervision of Professor Luk Van Langenhove. Her PhD project focuses on international astronomy cooperation and science diplomacy with comparative studies between the EU and China.

She is member of the UNU-CRIS/VUB Joint research unit on non-traditional diplomacy where she contributes to several projects related to science diplomacy.

Zonglyu holds a Master’s degree in Law from Chongqing University, her master thesis centred on the topic of ‘astronomy diplomacy’, taking it as a pioneering branch of science diplomacy, and tracing the interaction between politics and astronomy in history and current international cooperation on astronomy. Prior to this, Zonglyu majored in Journalism and Communication, organised numerous activities, such as Sidewalk Astronomy and exhibitions, to disseminate astronomical knowledge to the public.