Child Protection in Emergencies

18 March 2019

Children’s dependence on adults and their need for care make them vulnerable, especially in emergencies.

Nearly 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes due to violence, poverty or natural disasters (UNICEF, 2018). Protracted conflicts, such as in the DRC, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen (among other countries), refugee crises and an unprecedented number of cholera outbreaks, particularly in conflict-affected countries, have separated children from their families and communities, deprived them from decent education and healthcare and put them at risk of being subject to physical and sexual violence, exploitation and recruitment to armed forces or armed groups. These risks require effective and sustainable solutions to provide both short and long-term protection to children.

According to the Inter-Agency Minimum Standards for Child Protection to Humanitarian Action, the Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) includes both response and prevention of risks, guaranteeing that children receive all the necessary humanitarian assistance, required for their safety and wellbeing.

This workshop will bring together key actors from United Nations agencies and international non-governmental organisations, committed to deliver protection to children in emergencies across the globe, as well as representatives of the academic community and EU institutions. It is a platform through which key stakeholders can share views and concerns regarding various risks children face in emergencies and discuss innovative and creative solutions and policies to address them.


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