Managing Security: Reimagining ASEAN’s Regional Role

Publication Date: 
18 November 2019
Taylor and Francis Online
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Asian Studies Review

This article examines the prospects for a reimagining of the regional role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in a period of hegemonic adjustment in Asia. It evaluates the options for ASEAN in a regional space that is being overshadowed by great power influence and rivalry. It considers the prospects for ASEAN to play an effective role, in view of the influence of great powers.

The article examines the key drivers, limitations and obstacles to ASEAN’s regionalism. The article offers some comparative considerations with the European Union. A reimagining of regionalism to manage the challenges in the region is required, with a focus on non-traditional security (NTS). Specific challenges that ASEAN might be particularly well positioned to tackle are maritime security, preventive diplomacy and mediation, irregular migration, trafficking in persons, cyber security, counterterrorism, counter violent extremism and transnational crime.

ASEAN; managing security; comparative regionalism; great power rivalry; European Union; non-traditional security