Regional Practices in UN Multilateralism: The Case of the European Union

28 May 2019
Exclusive Lecture

Katie V. Laatikainen

Professor Katie V. Laatikainen is Professor and Director of International Studies at Adelphi University. Her research focuses on international institutions in international relations, in particular the UN and the EU. She has published widely on UN politics as well as how the EU interacts with the UN, and EU foreign policy more generally.

The UN Charter privileges regionalism, particularly in Chapter VIII and in the geographical distribution of seats for limited membership bodies.  Yet, regionalism has grown beyond those limited provisions to become a central organizing element in multilateral diplomatic practices. These regional practices are not captured by the literatures on regionalism nor in the analysis of regional organizations or inter-organizational analysis.  This lecture presents an initial typology of formal and informal regionalized practices in UN multilateralism and uses the EU as an exceptional case to demonstrate how a practice approach can help uncover a more dynamic understanding of regionalism in UN multilateralism. 


Tuesday 28 May 2019
17:00 - 18:30 
UNU-CRIS, Bruges

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