4th International ESP Latin America and Caribbean Conference

08 November 2023

UNU CRIS will participate in this conference  (Chile, 6 -10 November 2023, hybrid) . The conference takes place under the theme 'Sharing knowledge about ecosystem services and natural capital to build a sustainable future' and will showcase experts and research on ecosystem services field, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, to share ecosystem services knowledge and strengthen the regional network. Please click here for more information.

Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla, who also serves as the lead of Sector Working Group : Ecosystem Services in Water Management, will deliver her talk at the session– Emerging issues in Ecosystem Services science, policy & practice.

Her talk is titled : Circular Economy for Water and Wastewater Management: Synopsis of Integration Pathways in the Latin American Region. The presentation is based on the UNU CRIS publication: