Building Nexus Resilience: Addressing Migration and Conflicts in Water-Energy-Food Systems

30 May 2024

On 30 May, the webinar series, organized by UNU-FLORES and with participation from Nidhi Nagabhatla, Senior Research Fellow of UNU-CRIS, is set to spark transformative conversations among experts from diverse disciplines, institutions, and countries.

It is designed to bridge knowledge gaps and seize opportunities for a unified approach to the intertwined challenges of water, energy, and food systems while also considering the critical role of climate, land, and ecosystems.

This initiative will pave the way for a unified framework and a strategic road map integrating migration into nexus assessment tools. The goal is to empower policymakers, researchers, and practitioners with forward-looking tools and strategies that weave migration dynamics into comprehensive nexus assessments, steering them toward informed, sustainable, and resilient decision-making.

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