Colombian War College Visits UNU-CRIS

02 October 2019

UNU-CRIS was honoured to welcome members of the Colombian War College to Bruges as part of its international geostrategic training program, which focuses on developing integral leaders, strategists, managers, and operational commanders.

The group included the Chief of Staff of the Colombian Army Air Assault Division (NATO OF-6), two Colonels (NATO OF-5) and a majority of soon-to-be OF-4 ranked officers.

The visit was part of the European leg of the War College’s Staff Course, with UNU-CRIS chosen as one of the institutions that could broaden their understanding of the global strategic environment, for its research and capacity development in support of the UN’s universal goals, and its evaluation of regional integration worldwide.

During their visit, the group was welcomed by Special Advisor to the Director, Anthony Antoine, who outlined the work of UNU-CRIS and, more broadly, that of the United Nations and the SDGs. The second presentation was from Luis Simon, Research Professor International Security at the Institute for European Studies, entitled “What is Europe’s Place in Sino-American Competition?”