Frank Mattheis to Chair Conversation on the 'Role of Europe in the World' at the Dimes Closing Conference in South Africa

15 February 2023

On 16 February, UNU-CRIS Research Fellow Frank Mattheis will chair a conversation on the ‘The Role of Europe in the World' with Elisabet Dahlberg Frisk, Diplomat with EU Delegation to South Africa, as part of the DIMES Closing Conference.

The two-day conference, organised by UACES, will be held at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and will consider Europe’s role in the world and the way in which the ‘idea’ of Europe is propagated, where it comes from, how it persists, how it can be challenged, and how European Studies may change when it is no longer approached from a Eurocentric perspective. 

This event marks the end of this Erasmus+-funded project which has sought to interrogate the Eurocentrism at the heart of European Studies and look at ways in which the field can be more inclusive of a range of perspectives, diverse in its demography and multidisciplinary in its approach to its object of study. 

The conference is free to attend and open to all, with a live stream on offer for both days to those who cannot travel to Pretoria. 

For more information, the full programme and registration, please visit: