NEW BOOK: The Routledge Handbook to Global Political Economy: Conversations and Inquiries

06 May 2020

The Routledge Handbook to Global Political Economy provides a comprehensive guide to how Global Political Economy (GPE) is conceptualized and researched around the world. Including contributions that range from traditional International Political Economy (IPE) to GPE approaches, the Handbook gathers the investigations, varying perspectives and innovative research of more than sixty scholars from all over the world.

Providing undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers and researchers with a complete set of traditional, contending and regional perspectives, the book explores current issues, conceptual tools, key research debates and different methodological approaches taken.

The book counts contributions from several lecturers and alumni of the annual UNU-CRIS Doctoral School on Comparative Regionalism in Quito, including editor Ernesto Vivares, UNU-CRIS Director Philippe De Lombaerde, Associate Research Fellow Timothy Shaw, Cintia Quiliconi, Melisa Deciancio, Cheryl Martens, Detlef Nolte, Andrea Ribeiro-Hoffman, Ignacio Sabbatella, Fredy Rivera and Lester Cabrera, as well as former UNU-CRIS Advisory Board member Diana Tussie.

Structured in five parts methodologically correlated, the book presents GPE as a field of global, regional and national research:

• historical waves and diverse ontological axes;

• major theoretical perspectives;

• beyond traditional perspectives;

• regional inquiries;

• research arenas.

Carefully selected contributions from both established and upcoming scholars ensure that this is an eclectic, pluralist and multidisciplinary work and an essential resource for all those with an interest in this complex and rapidly evolving field of study.

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