Nidhi Nagabhatla delivers Keynote Address on World Environment Day

05 June 2022

Highlighting the triple planetary emergencies that the Earth faces

  • the climate is heating up too quickly for people and nature to adapt;
  • habitat loss and other pressures mean an estimated 1 million species are threatened with extinction;
  • pollution continues to poison our air, land and water

The UN quotes

In the universe are billions of galaxies,
In our galaxy are billions of planets,
But there is #OnlyOneEarth.
Let’s take care of it.

Dr Nidhi Nagabhatla will deliver a keynote address at the web event organised by an institutional partner in Global South (India) to celebrate World Environment Day 2022. She will join the team of panellists from Germany, Mexico, Malaysia and India and her intervention is titled @ Environmental  Security, Water Matters and Planetary Health

Time: Jun 5, 2022 04:00 PM IST

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