Nidhi Nagabhatla is speaking at the Large Ocean States/Small Islands Webinar

29 November 2022

Nidhi Nagabhatla, UNU-CRIS Senior Research Fellow and Cluster Coordinator of the Climate Change and Natural Resources programme, has been invited to talk at the Large Ocean States (Small Pacific Islands) Webinar on the Frontlines of the Climate Emergency.

She will present the opening talk titled: Mapping opportunities and Managing expectations- two pathways for resilience building for Large Ocean States/Small Islands Developing States at the frontline of the climate emergency.

The event will all focus on the outcome of the 6th Ministerial Meeting of Water Ministers - Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA)

Objectives of the Webinar: to inform the IPDC approach going forward about key issues that LOS/Small Islands face, the WAC has designed a webinar to share knowledge and best practices for governance, policy development, and locally led resilience and adaptation to help LOS/Small Islands address their knowledge gaps and increase widespread applications of good practices. The WAC has invited LOS/Small Islands leaders, water governance practitioners, food and island tourism industry innovators, and expert researchers to talk about their key challenges and solutions.

This webinar starts with a keynote giving an overview of the climate related water issues with a focus on LOS/Small Islands located in European- Asia Pacific time zone. It then invites several specific cases for a deep dive into important solutions to challenges in Malta, Seychelles, Pacific Region amongst others. It ends with a Q&A and discussion. The discussion aims to scoping interest and relevant topics for the coalition building of the IPDC

This is a public event. For further information, please click here.