ONLINE ARTICLE: "Viewpoint: Science Diplomacy Needs a Refresh to Meet Contemporary European Needs" by Luk Van Langenhove, UNU-CRIS Professorial Fellow

29 March 2021

By Luk Van Langenhove and Jean-Claude Burgelman

To adapt to new political contexts, older concepts of science diplomacy urgently need to be expanded. And universities need to increase their support of those researchers who are active in science diplomacy.

Science diplomacy needs to be updated in the wake of the European Commission’s announcement that it will rethink its international R&D collaboration and in particular reconsider what was launched in 2016 as ‘’open to the world’’ science. According to three major Swedish universities—the Stockholm Trio—science diplomacy should be seen as a positive trademark for Europe. But why do we need science diplomacy and why should Europe invest in it?

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