Review: Grant Writing Workshop - Rory Johnson

02 November 2018

On October 30th 2018, UNU-CRIS hosted a Grant Writing Workshop chaired by Rory Johnson, the UNU-CRIS Grants Acquisition Officer. Rory outlined the key points on how to write successful grant applications-an all-inclusive, jargon-free abstract, a well thought out research plan (excellence section) encompassing realistic research objectives, research questions and a state of the art, original and innovative methodology were outlined.  Rory highlighted how the methodology should use pre-existing theory to study a case, bridge knowledge gaps and reveal policy applicable outcomes.

Additional highlights from the workshop were that grant applicants should be clear about who their research will impact, how their research will be implemented and their budget use. In addition to a risk assessment statement - which may or may not be applicable to the research - an updated CV and an ethics statement should be included in the proposal. Taking into consideration the research plan is normally graded out of 50%, the impact 30% and the implementation plan 20%, researchers were advised to give themselves ample time of at least two months to prepare their proposals with the aim of submitting a clearly thought-out and balanced grant proposal.

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