Special Issue of the International Journal of Manpower: the Labour Market Consequences of Globalisation and Regionalisation

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UNU-CRIS Associate Director Philippe De Lombaerde, together with Ludo Cuyvers from the University of Antwerp and Glenn Rayp from Ghent University, coordinated a Special Issue bringing together a number of contributions on the labour market consequences of globalisation and regionalisation. The contributions were written by members of the GRESI Scientific Research Group, funded by the Flemish Research Fund (FWO).

The contributions in this special issue take the new directions taken by the trade and inequality research and literature into account to further explore the labour market consequences of globalization and regionalization. These new directions include, for example, the consideration given to efficiency wages and labour market imperfection, as well as the employment and wage effects of foreign affiliates of multinational firms. Another characteristic is the importance given to foreign investment and migration, as expressions of globalisation, next to trade. Finally, new understandings of the geographical scope of globalization are also taken on board.


The labour market consequences of globalisation and regionalization (Cuyvers, De Lombaerde and Rayp)

World inequality, globalisation, technology and labour market institutions (Dumont, Stojanovska and Cuyvers)

The efficiency wages perspective to wage rigidity in the open economy: a survey (Stavrevska)

The effects of Belgian outward direct investment in European high-wage and low-wage countries on employment in Belgium (Cuyvers and Soeng)

Immigrant location and network effects: the Helvetic case (Ukrayinchuk and Jayet)

Globalisation and the emerging regional governance of labour rights (Deacon, De Lombaerde, Macovei and Schröder)