Summer School Diary - Day Four

Written by Nandi Makubalo

The theme of the fourth day of the summer school was on migration, particularly the Global Compact – Migration and Human Rights. This important topic was presented by UNU-CRIS Assistant Professor Ine Lietaert. Professor Lietaert’s discussion focused on Global Migration Governance from a Euro-centric perspective. Migration was discussed from a historical, socio-political and geographic context, the global forum on migration and development was also discussed and highlighted as the forum that formally opened the discussion on migration. Return migration and reintegration, a topic which has gained wide-recognition and prominence as a mechanism of managing migration crisis was also discussed in depth.

Professor Lietaert’s discussions were succeeded by the simulation game on migration. The group simulated the European Council, representing most of the EU-28 countries and the Visegrad Group. Each country shared its country position and deliberation on migration.


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