Towards a University College in Bruges? A feasibility study on Transnational Higher Education Cooperation

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This report is a deliverable of a study undertaken by UNU-CRIS aimed at assessing the feasibility of developing new transnational higher education initiatives in Bruges. There are two dimensions to this feasibility. On the one hand there is the desirability of such initiatives. On the other hand there are the possibilities and constraints. The present report maps and assesses both dimensions with regard to the feasibility of starting Liberal Arts and Sciences education in Bruges through the establishment of a University College (UC).
The results of this study are intended to serve as suggestions to those who are interested in establishing new higher educational initiatives in Bruges, and as an information resource for all stakeholders concerned.
This study has been made possible thanks to the financial support of Euregion Scheldemond – which is a transnational partnership between the provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders and Zeeland –, the city of Bruges, the Province of West Flanders, University College Roosevelt and UNU-CRIS.
The research has been conducted by Ewout Ramon under the supervision and guidance of Luk Van Langenhove and with the assistance of Julie Mariën. It has been edited by Andrea Hak. The appendix contains a list of the people consulted.