UNU CRIS is actively Participating at the 4th Ecosystem Services Partnerships( ESP) Europe Conference in Greece

10 October 2022

Themed : Ecosystem services empowering people and societies in times of crises

Acknowledging the science of ecosystem services worldwide, along with support from data science, analysis, and synthesis frameworks measuring, quantifying, modelling, and mapping human-nature interactions including how ecosystem services operate in specific natural resource systems. These developments have supported the policy, investment, and planning decisions and addressed compounding global crises and building social-ecological resilience, and adaptation.  inclusion of communities and civil society in both the design and implementation of ecosystem services science, policy and practice; to better account for equity, justice, and societal needs; to recognize societal power in design and implementation of actions; to find improved ways of enhancing societal literacy regarding ecosystem services and nature contributions to people. Ecosystem service science and practice need to actively work with and within individuals and communities who depend on nature for their well-being and often lose the most during emerging crises.

The event will bring together experts to highlight pathways for involving diverse societal groups (e.g., local stakeholders, public and private decision-makers, NGOs, civil society organizations, students, and businesses) in ecosystem services focused science, policy and practice.  

More details can be consulted here.

Nidhi Nagabhatla, UNU-CRIS Senior Research Fellow, will contribute to three sessions.

1. Presentation at the session  B1 Plural values of marine and coastal ecosystem services towards sustainable spatial planning and inclusive governance of marine and coastal systems.

Her presentation is titled: ‘Can Seaweed Aquaculture Industry fit the Nature-Based (& Ecosystems-Based) Solutions Discourse? Insights from GlobalSeaweedSTAR (2017- 2021) Initiative’

Author(s):: Nidhi Nagabhatla Other Elizabeth J. Cottier-Cook

Please click here to read the abstract. For further information, please see https://cdn.aanmelderusercontent.nl/i/doc/bccdf4c57f4c89dc5f83e287c225c80a?forcedownload=True 

2. UNU CRIS will Co-host session: S5 ‘Beyond water: Understanding the role and co-benefits of NBS [ Nature Based Solutions] used for water management with experts and institutional representatives from Spain, Germany, and the USA  to discuss how the ecosystem services or related concepts and their application can be operationalized to assess and estimate the co-benefits of NBS for water management and address the plurality of uncertainties under which the decision-making process operates with innovative contributions on topics broadly viz evidence on how NBS for water management provide co-benefits and deliver ecosystem services beyond water management, such as climate mitigation, governance, social justice, air quality, urban regeneration among others. Innovative methodologies to measure any of the above-mentioned NBS’ contributions or to address uncertainties in existing methodologies. Case studies and approaches to address, assess and communicate uncertainties in water resource management through ecosystem services as a system analysis tool.

Please click here to read the abstract. For further information, please see https://cdn.aanmelderusercontent.nl/i/doc/2778852fdf81fbea85fdc6392efc0732?forcedownload=True


3. Nidhi Nagabhatla will also deliver a presentation titled ‘Can UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration better the integration of Ecosystem Services into Environmental Governance? at Thematic Session:18a ‘Policy and institutional analysis for ecosystem services provision – Conceptual, methodological and empirical inspirations of multi-level governance’ to highlight the role and contribution of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: https://www.decadeonrestoration.org/ for supporting ecosystem services approach to natural resource governance. Also, reflecting on the contribution of UNU CRIS to this UN agenda.

Please click here to read the abstract. For further information, please see https://cdn.aanmelderusercontent.nl/i/doc/da2947b281426ba5bfc4ebcefcf7a7e7?forcedownload=True