UNU-CRIS Contingent Present at the Launch of UNU-GCM's Report 'Surges and Swarms: A Conversation On Responsible Coverage of Migration'

17 September 2018

On Wednesday 12th September several members of the UNU-CRIS team, including Director Madeleine Hosli, travelled to Brussels to attend an event entitled Addressing Xenophobia and Representations of Migrants in the Media being co-hosted by the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC) and the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM).

The morning’s activities centred around the launch of a new, highly-acclaimed report authored by the team at UNU-GCM entitled ‘Surges and Swarms: A Conversation on Responsible Coverage of Migration’.

After a series of presentations given by the all-female panel (Director Deborah Seward, UNRIC; Director Parvati Nair, UNU-GCM; Anna Terrón Cusí, former Spanish Secretary of State for Immigration and Emigration; and Charlotte Alfred, Managing Editor Refugees Deeply) that reflected on the content of the report, the discussion was opened to the floor which provided further stimulating points for debate.

As well as bringing together a diverse mix of academics, newsmakers, UN advocates and policy makers the occasion offered the chance for representatives from three separate UNU Institutes (UNU-CRIS, UNU-MERIT and UNU-GCM) to come together and discuss various other ongoing strategies, initiatives and potential avenues for collaboration.

You can read the report here.