UNU-CRIS contributes to the capacity building of youth via Biodiversity Academy Workshops (Pre UNFCCC COP28 event)

21 November 2023
















The event was organized by the Global Biodiversity Youth Network and YOUNGO (https://unfccc.int/topics/education-youth/youth/youngo) and supported by PEDRR (https://pedrr.org/). UNU CRIS supports PEDRR as a core member towards its agenda of Protecting People From Disasters Through Nature-based Solutions.

Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla, Senior Fellow and Cluster Coordinator at UNU-CRIS, presented on "Conditions and Pathways for Sustainable Environmental Practices" during the Biodiversity Academy Workshops on November 18. Her talk highlighted the significance of global environmental governance frameworks such as the SDGs, UN-Water Security Framework, and UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. She emphasized that these frameworks are essential pathways to encourage investment in nature protection and restoration. The session aimed to contribute to the capacity building of youth by shedding light on how these established global commitments facilitate and support initiatives in safeguarding and reviving our natural ecosystems. Through her insights, Dr. Nagabhatla underscored these frameworks' pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and fostering a collective effort toward collective nature/biodiversity conservation.