UNU-CRIS contributes to Smart World Smart Europe, German French Conference on European Digital Sovereignty

02 May 2022

German-French Conference

How can we advance European Digital Sovereignty?

11-12 May 2022, Munich, Bavaria

Smart World Smart Europe? Conference on European Digital Sovereignty

UNU-CRIS contributes to Smart World Smart Europe, German-French Conference on European Digital Sovereignty

During the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, a two-day French-German Conference is being organised to contribute to a common understanding of digital sovereignty not only as an industrial policy goal but as a goal that helps to increase innovation and to strengthen democracy and the freedom of European citizens. The first day includes a pitch session of selected young fellows in front of highly renowned experts from politics, industry, and academia. The second day brings together high-level policy decision-makers, academia and industry for the EU, Germany, and France.

Carlota Morais, Sophie Hoogenboom, and Nadia Tjahja, as part of the Chair on Digital Sovereignty, have been selected to pitch their ideas concerning political strategies that contribute to the goal of digital self-determination and participation in Europe. Their contribution focuses on notions of popular sovereignty, open-source technologies, European values, and skills-based democracy.

The full programme of the conference can be found here.
Registration for the conference is possible by pressing this link.