UNU-CRIS' Contribution to World Water Day

21 March 2022

22 March 2022

15:30 CET

On World Water Day, UNU-CRIS will contribute to Conference Virtual World Water Day Conference ‘Conservation Starts with Conversation: Discussions on Water, Rights, and Justice’

This conference will be a unique opportunity for students, staff, and community members to hear from indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and scientists about issues related to water, health, and the environment Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla will steer a conversation on the topic ‘Thinking Water Security—Difference Values and Shared Future’. Experts involved in water-related programs, knowledgeable of water-based research, water rights, and/or water security will join this interactive discussion session and collectively reflect on what water means to us, its value, and how we can better protect this vital resource.

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Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla will contribute to the coordination of the session ‘Are water deficits and extreme events increasing migration and displacement? at tge Water for Rural Development: 9th World Water Forum happening on March 21 - 26, 2022 in Senegal under the theme: Water Security for Peace and Development. The forum is the world’s largest event on water and a unique platform for the water community and decision-makers and hopes to build momentum to strengthen the ability of the entire world to respond to water-related challenges.

As a part of action group (2F) Harmonize the rural-urban divide to manage migration, UNU-CRIS, FAO, and IOM experts conceived this session scheduled for 24 March (9am Senegal time / 10am CET) will showcase presentations and expert panel to discuss how growing evidence that water scarcity, changes in precipitation patterns and extreme weather events combined with socioeconomic vulnerabilities is driving migration and displacement.

In 2016, climate and water-related disasters were responsible for displacing 23.5 million people. Experts will share their insight on closing the knowledge gaps by gathering statistics, data, and information on migration and its drivers, which is key to supporting evidence-based policies, programs, and investments to tackle migration. There is no clear, simple solution but while the cost of responses to migration is concerning for States, the cost of no decisions will certainly surpass it. To this narrative, UNU-CRIS and UNU-IAS joint presentation by Dr. Fukushi, Kensuke, will provide regional perspective from Asia and Africa (Lake Chad and Congo Basin Water-Migration-Conflict nexus based on the synthesis by Dr. Nagabhatla, UNU CRIS).

More details at Agenda | 9th World Water Forum 

Please contact Dr. Nagabhatla (nnagabhatla@cris.unu.edu) for further information.