UNU-CRIS Director Madeleine Hosli and UNU-CRIS Project Researcher Reinhilde Bouckaert to present at CUNCR's "How To Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies" in Brussels

27 November 2018

Madeleine Hosli, UNU-CRIS Director, and Reinhilde Bouckaert, UNU-CRIS Project Researcher, will deliver a presentation entitled "Experiences from the European Union" as part of the panel on "Case Study IPIs in Regional and Global Governance" at the CUNCR research seminar "How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies; Bringing International Parliamentary Institutions at the Next Level".

Abstract of the presentation:

This presentation focuses on some experiences in the context of the European Union (EU). It first briefly discusses the institutional setup of the EU and the role of the European Parliament and then provides insights into the function of the EU’s interregional parliamentary assemblies, notably in the context of discussions on climate change. Examples are drawn from the PADIRE project conducted at UNU-CRIS and focus on cases such as the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean, the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly and the EU-Neighborhood East Parliamentary Assembly.

This seminar will take place at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on 27 and 28 November 2018.