UNU-CRIS participates at the Second WASAG International Forum

10 February 2023

On 7-10 February  2nd WASAG International Forum under the topic 'Making agriculture resilient for climate change: Water scarcity, an opportunity for action and collaboration' took place in Cabo Verde, West Africa.

UNU CRIS contributed to organising the technical session 2.a: Water and Migration and delivered the opening remarks that can be accessed via this presentation.

Nidhi Nagabhatla collaborated with IWMI and WaterYouthNetwork (Cameron) to develop a poster presentation to highlight the need for examining the positive impact of water and climate stress-induced migration pathways.

The Global Framework for Action to Cope with Water Scarcity in Agriculture in the Context of Climate Change (in short, the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture, WASAG) hosted by UN FAO, Rome brings together experts, agencies and institutions worldwide  to tackle the collective challenge of sustainable water management and productions systems such as agriculture to ensuring food security. The framework fosters collaboration among its partners for the development and deployment of policies, strategies, and programmes, enhancing field capacity for the adaptation of agriculture to water scarcity, its thematic scope also includes water and migration nexus.

UNU CRIS (Nidhi Nagabhatla) co leads the Water and Migration Working Group of WASAG https://www.fao.org/wasag/working-groups/water-and-migration/about-the-team/en/ and actively contributes to its work program implementation working alongside members from IOM, IWMI, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) , UNU INWEH and others.