UNU-CRIS Present at the Paradiplomacy Scholars Forum Coordinated by Paradiplomacy Lab – Centre for Studies on Paradiplomacy and City Diplomacy

28 June 2024

UNU CRIS was present at the Paradiplomacy Scholars Forum coordinated by Paradiplomacy Lab – Centre for Studies on Paradiplomacy and City Diplomacy.   The online seminar took place on Thursday, 27 June 2024. The speaker line discussed

  • Craig Simon (University of Nottingham Ningbo China), Summarising the PhD Thesis titled, 'Studying the Symbolic and Cultural Practices of City Diplomacy: The Case of Seattle' and Outlining Future Related Research Based on the Thesis
  • Nidhi Nagabhatla (UNU-CRIS), Building Climate Resilience: Diversifying the Narrative (Exploring the Paradiplomacy Lens)
  • Michał Gzik (University of Lodz), Model of cooperation between cities and regions of CEE and China (PhD Thesis)
  • Craig Simon (University of Nottingham Ningbo China), Initial Considerations and Brief Digital Humanities Literature Review Related to the Envisioned 'Paradiplomacy and City Diplomacy Database' Project

The session initiated a discussion on the role of city diplomacy in addressing global challenges like climate change. By leveraging symbolic and cultural practices, cities can foster international cooperation and build climate resilience. This approach, i.e., paradiplomacy, could allow cities and regions to engage directly with global counterparts to implement innovative climate solutions. Notable examples of paradiplomacy related to the cooperation between cities and regions and emphasizing mutual learning and the exchange of best practices in climate resilience, sustainable urban planning, and disaster management were presented. Such collaborations highlight the potential of city-to-city partnerships in driving global climate action. The seminar provided diverse narratives and strategies reflecting how cities can effectively assess risk and build a resilience-building framework, providing valuable insights and tools for enhancing resilience through a paradiplomacy lens.

More information can be consulted here.